Broker Services

From a broking point of view, we lead with the client in mind. This means that we are committed to understanding and optimising the client’s preferences in terms of insurance cover and to accommodate this with the right price.

We would rather promote client loyalty than commission, compared to some other intermediary models. So we make sure that our client comes first, which in our eyes is more important and profitable in the long run.

The Broker’s Function

The TEn network model is all about enabling the client to deal with their local broker they know and trust. The broker acts as a professional advisor and an advocate on the client’s behalf. Primarily to understand the client’s needs and preferences and, to some extent, interpret the client’s wishes to achieve a satisfactory balance between protection and cost.

It is also part of the broker’s function to assist the client in the eventuality of a claim.

The Range of Products

TEn can access products across the entire spectrum of client needs, for General and Commercial insurances. When we cannot, then we will say so very quickly!

At TEn we can provide 100+ classes of General Insurance. However, there are some areas that we CANNOT and DO NOT cover. These include: -

  • Life Assurance
  • Pensions
  • Mortgages
  • Investments

The Range of Markets

TEn has agency arrangements with over 100 insurers, ranging from the largest national and international brands, through to smaller, but no less respected, and niche players who specialise in both common and unusual classes of business.

In effect, we are set-up to provide the widest range of product options for every client and for every quote. This multiplicity of markets helps to ensure that for almost every type of case, our Broker Technicians can usually respond successfully to a local broker’s request (on the client’s behalf) for the correct cover at a competitive price.

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