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Broker Services

From a broking point of view, we lead with the client in mind. This means that we are committed to understanding and optimising the client’s preferences in terms of insurance cover and to accommodate this with the right price. We would rather promote client loyalty than commission, compared to some other intermediary models. So we make sure that our client comes first, which in our eyes is more important and profitable in the long run. The Broker’s Function The TEn network model is all about enabling…

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Nework Services

Network Services

The broker network rationale In recent years the number of Insurance Brokers has been in fairly dramatic decline. From circa 11,000 in 1992 down to roughly 3,000+ by 2020. Historically, UK Brokers have been privately owned, founded generally before 1975 and, consequently, the Principals of these firms have mainly reached retirement age before 2005. Unsurprisingly, when they are approached by larger firms with a view to acquisition, they are often open to the suggestion and – in the 1st round of…

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Site map coming fairly soon... the New Year probably.

The site map will be an aid to navigation around our various websites. Of course, these sites have just undergone a major structural update and things are still changing.

So, it’s a bit like when a supermarket periodically shifts things around, either, just for the hell of it, or, because they have decided to squeeze in a click & collect point, where the bread used to be.

As stuff relocates, consequently, leaving the signs above the ends of the aisles as they were before, could become confusing.

Our current situation here is very similar.

Mind you, whether before or after the reorganisation, you can never find the Tahini paste. You always have to ask.