Private Clients

Insurance policies

At TEn we understand that in today’s challenging economic environment most customers want to buy excellent, and unique cover at the right price.

Our brokers have access to a wide range of mainstream, tailored and bespoke personal insurance products. In particular we specialise in mid and high net worth household and high value motor insurance.

Through working closely with the specific insurers providing the covers that you want we can tailor your policy precisely for you.

The problem with personal insurance providers

Faceless call centres, internet comparison sites and direct insurers working from big marketing budgets have taken the personal touch out of dealing with your insurance cover needs.

The challenge with those organisations is how do you get truly independent advice when looking to arrange your cover. More to the point, who do you turn to in the event of a claim or if something goes wrong?

Service ethic

We will always look to provide tailored and packaged cover solutions for the personal insurance needs of our private clients. Even it is unusual or completely unique.

You deserve to work with someone who will take the time to think about your individual requirements and not provide a ‘just good enough’ response.

You should regard your TEn broker as your own personal shopper for your insurance needs. Someone experienced and dedicated, who can help you to pick and choose the most appropriate products for your personal requirements.

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