Corporate clients

Your Insurance arrangements

At TEn we understand the difficulties that corporations face in today’s challenging economic environment.

All businesses are different and need insurances that are specifically designed around the variety of risks they face.

Our brokers have access to a wide range of tailored and bespoke insurance products across all commercial classes of business. They have the expertise, the service ethic and the drive to work with you to find the right solutions you need.

The Insurers we Use

Our commercial insurance panel covers the whole of the market and allows our brokers to examine all available options to secure the right covers for you.

Our broking teams have access to companies from mainstream insurers through to niche, London Market and specialist providers of products for particular trades, industry sectors or individual business requirements.

We understand how to align commercial clients’ needs with the most appropriate cover available. To give you peace of mind.

Our Help and support

In days gone by a broker could not put more than a certain percentage of their business with a particular insurer; which was a really good thing.

Nowadays many so called ‘brokers’ are actually owned by insurers, or have been invested in by Private Equity and are servicing so much debt that they are forever tempted by the highest commission rate, particularly in respect of commercial business.

Not so with TEn or its members, nor will it ever be, simply because of the unique way we are structured and owned.

Our role is solely to work hard for you, to give you the very best help and advice we can – at a cost-effective price.

… and if Size Matters

Our broker members may be small and/or recently established brokers in the main, but collectively they add up to something fairly significant in the UK market.

Large corporate clients should not be concerned, therefore, that their broker has no weight with insurers. TEn is a collective in many senses of the word and we certainly deal collectively with insurers, loss assessors and all other partners.

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